Electronic Producer/DJ Lessons

Composition, Harmony, Musicianship and Everything About Music That Wasn’t Printed in Your Sequencer’s Reference Manual

For All Lessons Please Contact Lessons@wbaileymusic.com You can also call me directly at (661)618-4542

Music Skills for Producers and DJs

Essential Music Concepts Demystified and Applied for Electronic Musicians

♦ Music Theory and Instrument Skills for DJing, Producing and Composing ♦

I offer music theory, musicianship and composing along with instrumental skills lessons specifically geared for electronic musicians. Composing leads, harmony, song structure, analysis, orchestration, fundamentals of sound, rhythm and beats, styles and every other ‘non-technical’ aspect of music and music production that a producer could need. Other more technical subjects such as engineering, sound design, DAW use and recording can be touched upon as well.

Lesson rates

$70 for an hour (for older students & advanced students)


$40 for a half hour (for younger students & beginner students)

The First Introductory Lesson Is Always Free!

More Information About Lessons

Lessons typically occur once per week and take place at my home in Sherman Oaks. Lessons are $70 for an hour and $40 for a half hour. Scholarship rates are available for exceptional students who need a break and can come during off (non-prime) hours. Flexible options such as one lesson per every two weeks can be worked out. Skype lessons are available and I do make house calls (Lessons in your home) for an additional fee.

The first introductory lesson given is always free of charge and I have a money back guarantee on your first month of lessons. I can proudly say that this policy has never once been invoked.

I also offer (free) services to assist current and prospective students (and their parents) to learn about and find a suitable instrument to start with.

Solo performances and group recitals are organized with local venues and other local music teachers as a part of the lesson package. Sometimes a small fee is required of participants to cover facility rental fees for group recitals. Students are strongly encouraged to participate.

Group lessons specifically designed to facilitate ensemble playing among my students are an option as well. These generally occur with current rather than prospective students and take place at the discretion of me, the student and parent. They can occur in addition to or in lieu of regular weekly lessons.

Please contact me at Lessons@wbaileymusic.com to schedule your first lesson.

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