I received my formal education at Cal State Northridge and currently hold a Bachelor’s of Music (BM) in Classical Guitar Performance. While at Northridge I studied with world class instructors and was the recipient of several merit and competitive performance based scholarships. I Graduated with honors.

I come from a musical, arts inclined family. My father was a jazz drummer and is sound engineer who still works in the entertainment industry. My Mother is a RN and claims to be tone deaf (but I don’t believe her). She is however an all around enthusiastic appreciator of the arts. My sister is a pianist, and a painter (and scientist too; she is currently away working on her doctorate).

I started guitar lessons myself when I was eight and took lessons on and off throughout my childhood. I had good teachers, bad teachers and teachers who had such an incredible impact on my life that I feel a debt of gratitude towards them to this day.

My dad gave me some computer music programs when I was 11 or so and ever since then I have been an electronic music nerd. I am kind of a computer nerd, so it is a crossover of my interests. Nowadays I am really into Max/Msp. Its a graphical programming environment that lets me write my own programs, synths and effects to use. Its kind of the best thing ever.

As a teenager I played in a bunch of bands. Rock, Metal, Prog, Country, Jazz and some other stuff that was kinda out there. I don’t currently play with a group, but time permitting I would. So much of my musical activities have become utilitarian (I guess that’s called growing up?), but I still jam with friends at every chance I get.

Weston Bailey Playing in berkeley

Berkeley Ca, circa 2011


I waited a couple years out of high school to go to music school. It seemed like everyone kept telling me to study something practical, and that I would be thankful toward myself in the future if I did.  My parents were pretty much the only ‘grown ups’ at the time that encouraged me to follow my dreams, and now I am very grateful towards them for it.

I still have this problem were I am just too excited about music. There is too much to do and far to little time to do it. I spend my days practicing and studying, and my friends have difficulty coaxing me out to do things because there is just so much music to study, learn about and create. My personal studies have been leaning in a jazz/fusion direction lately. I still keep up my classical chops but I just feel like a part of my interests were neglected at school and I have to catch up with them.

I am currently considering grad school. I am going to go, but I am in no rush to get there right now.

Thanks for the interest