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For All Lessons Please Contact Lessons@wbaileymusic.com You can also call me directly at (661)618-4542

My approach to teaching is student and goal oriented. I allow the interests of my students to guide their lessons as I push them to achieve their goals. I do this while providing them with a solid foundation of theory, musicianship, repertoire and practice techniques which equip them to grow into the capable musicians that they wish to become.

When I give lessons, it is not my goal to teach a single style or even the guitar as a single instrument. I strive to teach music as a living, breathing language both aural and written.  My students develop a broad, fundamental understanding of music as a language and I teach them to use the guitar and its various styles as a vehicle to command it

I consider my lessons to be successful when I see my students’ faces and minds light up with the joy of music and the gift that is musical performance. And also when I see that they are…


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 I Specialize in teaching all ages and have had beginning students as young as 5 and my eldest being 68. It’s never too late…or early to start!

Accompanying a Student's Recital

Accompanying a Student’s Recital

Lesson rates

$70 for an hour (for older students & advanced students)


$40 for a half hour (for younger students & beginner students)

The First Introductory Lesson Is Always Free!

About the Benefits of Music

I am passionate about the importance of music education, especially in the lives of young learners. I am also passionate about the enriching impact music has on everyone, both you and old. Recent scientific inquiry has been exploring impact and benefits that musical study has on the brain and what has been discovered is profound to the least.

Check out this TedEd video on the subject


Consider that the synaptic density of a 4 year old’s mind is twice that of an 8 year old’s; And an 8 year old’s mind has a synaptic density twice that of a 16 year old’s. (You can read about it in this external link to the abstract of a neuroscience publication on the subject.)

Little minds are like little sponges.

Image what those little sponges are capable of when exposed to music from the start. They start to do Incredible things like develop perfect pitch (external link to wiki): the ability to aurally identify pitches preciously by name with no reference. That is, the ability to hear Bb and know its Bb distinct from all other pitches; like how one sees green and knows it green distinct from blue or yellow or any other color.  (This skill is outrageously difficult for adults to develop, some say impossible.)

Of course that isn’t to dissuade any older folks from music.

Everyone should have some kind of music in their life

Its never, ever too late to start. I don’t believe in having ‘no talent’ and there is not such thing as being tone deaf.

Everyone has their own unique set of skills and experiences that they bring to music, and each person draws benefits from music that are as unique as they and their experiences are

More Information About Lessons

Lessons typically occur once per week and take place at my home in Sherman Oaks. Lessons are $70 for an hour and $40 for a half hour. Scholarship rates are available for exceptional students who need a break and can come during off (non-prime) hours. Flexible options such as one lesson per every two weeks can be worked out. Skype lessons are available and I do make house calls (Lessons in your home) for an additional fee.

The first introductory lesson given is always free of charge and I have a money back guarantee on your first month of lessons. I can proudly say that this policy has never once been invoked.

I also offer (free) services to assist current and prospective students (and their parents) to learn about and find a suitable instrument to start with.

Solo performances and group recitals are organized with local venues and other local music teachers as a part of the lesson package. Sometimes a small fee is required of participants to cover facility rental fees for group recitals. Students are strongly encouraged to participate.

Group lessons specifically designed to facilitate ensemble playing among my students are an option as well. These generally occur with current rather than prospective students and take place at the discretion of me, the student and parent. They can occur in addition to or in lieu of regular weekly lessons.

Please contact me at Lessons@wbaileymusic.com to schedule your first lesson.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!